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From start to finish, discover
our step-by-step process & guidance

We will guide you through all possibilities, ideas and solutions, allowing you to choose a final product that is not only a showpiece, but tailored to your personal style and functionality!


Every project starts with a vision, so our first step is to understand your requirements, preferences, and budget. With careful listening and understanding, we start to give your project some legs to stand on.

Design and Planning

Now it’s time for our design team to analyze and put together a custom design that meets your needs and incorporates your aesthetic preferences.

This includes determining the layout, cabinet configurations, countertop options, storage solutions, and other design elements.

Material Selection

At this stage, we will guide you in choosing the materials that best suit your style, budget, and requirements. This includes providing various material options for cabinets, countertops and other hardware of your kitchen or project.

Measurements and On-Site Visit

Our team will now visit your home and take accurate measurements of the kitchen or space. This step ensures that your custom kitchen or project will fit perfectly into the available area and accommodates any existing structural features or utilities.


Once an installation date is scheduled, our team of installers brings your custom kitchen or project to your location and installs all the necessary elements, including cabinets, countertops and hardware.

Finally, we ensure that all elements are properly aligned, adjusted, and secured.

Mizura creates one-of-a-kind kitchens & more.

From concept and design, unequaled craftsmanship combined with high grade materials

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